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Reference and process for my senior project.


Future Face by Billy Nunez

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Fusion, anyone? Not quite yet, but researchers show just how close we’ve come

The dream of igniting a self-sustained fusion reaction with high yields of energy, a feat likened to creating a miniature star on Earth, is getting closer to becoming reality, according the authors of a new review article in the journal Physics of Plasmas.

Researchers at the National Ignition Facility (NIF) engaged in a collaborative project led by the Department of Energy’s Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, report that while there is at least one significant obstacle to overcome before achieving the highly stable, precisely directed implosion required for ignition, they have met many of the demanding challenges leading up to that goal since experiments began in 2010.

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More Kickstarter reward art! Some examples of 9”x12” illustrations in the $40 tier. (Note: the greys and blacks are actually a little bit sparkly. Actually, all the colors in the top one are a bit sparkly.) 

Thanks everyone who has already pledged/shared! I’m at 24%, let’s keep it up!


Working on some of the reward art for my Kickstarter campaign.  A pledge of $10 or more will get you a shiny 4x6 illustation like these! (And they are literally shiny, that is some sparkly silver gouache) Oh, and if you happen to have your eye on one of these in parlicular, go ahead and send me a message to claim one after you’ve made your pledge.


Hey everyone, I just launched the Kickstarter for the print run of my comic Edit! Check it out if you like comics, robots, or comics about robots. I appreciate any support you can give, even if it’s just sharing this link. Thanks!

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Created by sending MidiNES a mixture of melodic and rhythmic signals, then photographing the result. By: RS2090

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